Jennifer Petersen

Jenny Petersen is a Cartersville native with a deep love for her home community. She and her husband, Nathan, and daughter, Lexi Grace, returned to Cartersville in 2018 after multiple Army moves. Jenny has taught Criminal Justice and Sociology for the past 12 years as they have moved from place to place but has continuously maintained involvement in the non-profit sector in each community they called home. Upon her return to Cartersville, she quickly became involved with the BLESS Coalition as a volunteer. In October of 2020, Jenny accepted the Executive Director position within the BLESS Coalition and is excited for the new opportunities.


Through many Army moves, Jenny has taught High School, College and served as the Director of a college. She graduated from Cartersville High School in 1998 and went on to Kennesaw State, Bowling Green State and Valdosta State to pursue advanced degrees. She looks forward to working with the many BLESS Partners and seeing the community come together in big ways to help those who need it.


“The BLESS Mission and goals are near and dear to my heart. The fact that we don’t just have one-touch events but engage the same community all throughout the year really motivated me to get involved. As I’ve volunteered, I have been so encouraged by the amazing partners that we work with to get our families with the right resources when they need it. As a former high school teacher, my love for students and teachers is huge and the opportunity to be more involved in our local schools is exciting!


I love how involved our local community is and how many amazing organizations already exist to meet the needs of those who come to us. ‘Do More’ is kind of my personal motto and an idea that guides my daily life. Whenever possible, we should do more. Help more. Serve more. Love more. Together we can reach more families, more students and just do more. Honestly, I believe there is so much love in our community and people really do want to do more but they just need to know how. My job at the BLESS Coalition is partly showing them how- not just with us but with all of our partner organizations.”